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Dungeon of Ricochet, a dungeon crawler game made in 3 days! (For MiniLD60)

You have been trapped in the 'Ever Changing Dungeon', and endless, procedurally generated dungeon full of ogres, and other weird creatures, with your objective being kill the most monsters you can!

This might seem like the average dungeon crawling game, but it isn't, there is a twist: You only have a weapon, it's a ball, and once you launch it, you gotta recover it to be able to shoot again. Try to kill the most monsters possible ricocheting the ball around the different objects, and walls of the room you are at.

Instructions: (Read these!)

  • Move with WASD/Arrow Keys
  • Shoot with Mouse1 or the Space Key
  • Activate items by standing on them

Your objective is to kill as most enemies as you can, difficulty increases every level you go throught, making this game easy to start, but hard to master.

To kill enemies you need to hit them with your weapon, a bouncy ball that ricochets on every surface it hits.

Depending on how far your cursor is from the player, the ball with get launched with more or less strenght, the stronger you launch it, the more damage it does!

To recover the ball you simply have to touch it, it does not need to be static, you can catch it while it's moving.

You also recover the ball when it gets out of the screen.


  • Potion: Heals you a random ammount of health points.
  • Scroll: Applies a random effect on you, may be good, or bad.
  • Cardboard Box: Spawns a kitten, is up to you to discover what it does!
  • Spike Trap: Hard to see, hurts you!

Enjoy the game!

Thank you for playing!