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Made for MiniLD-58

You are Raollet Aleyne, a native of Unirik, a little, humble town oin the republic of Grasmere.

Your goal is to stop the great ghost of PONG, he is trying to conquer the world with his PONG skills.
He is located at the Northlands, in the only lava island of the region.

But, this is not the average RPG, the way you combat in this game is using PONG.
You can upgrade your pad, with the loot you get from exploring all the dungeons located on Grasmere.


WASD or Directional Keys for RPG movement

WS or Directional Keys for Pong movement

F to interact with objects (Hovering them with the mouse)

J to drop a slowdown potion

K to drop a speed potion

L to drop a bomb


On the map you are mean to click one of the skeletons ( or the spider at the lava island) and then the button at the bottom of the screen to enter a dungeon.


Slowdown Potion: Slows down the enemy for a few seconds

Speed Potion: Speeds you up for a few seconds

Bomb: If the ball is coming towards you, it will push it away.

Shield: Extra size for the pad, lasts 30 hits.

1x Live: Adds 1 extra life to your player.