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64Kb Hell

64Kb is a bullet hell game that fits in 64Kb of disk space, it is highly limited due to this and has no music / sound. 

Note: The game is just the executable file

How To Play:

You can move around the player (White triangle) with WADS or the Arrow Keys, and you can shoot with Space .

When you kill an enemy you will get score and, if you are lucky, a powerup, there are 3: 

- Small Heal: It's a red cross

- Super Heal. It's a shining, color changing cross

- Level up: It is an arrow. It improves your vehicle

When you get hit by an enemy's bullet you will lose health, if your health gets to 0 the following will happen:

- If you are a not upgraded vehicle you will lose

- If your vehicle is upgraded it will downgrade to a lower level

What are the UI elements?

- Leftmost number: Score

- Center text: Ship type

- L: [X]: Level

- [X]: Health

Made for  #64KBJAM in C, using GLFW and OpenGL

Source: https://github.com/tatjam/64kb-hell 


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64kbHell.exe 64 kB

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