Easy Job?

Cook Fast

In this game you have to control up to 3 machines at the same time (You are recommended to play with friends though), each one has its own control method.

The objective is to "survive" as long as you can, when your life drops under zero, you will "die"!


You have 3 machines:

  • SlapChop: The one at the right, you control it by pressing [K]. You break aliments.
  • MeatChop: The one at the middle, you control it by holding [J]. You fill a basket with meat
  • Coffee Machine: The one at the left, you toggle it on/off by pressing [V]. You fill a coffee cup.

You must match the stuff they make with the stuff the sign at their top displays.
It may seem like an easy task, but controlling 3 machines at the same time is really hard! Try to get a friend to control some of the machines!

In the main menu you can disable some of the machines, or change the difficulty! You can only disable 2 machines at the same time.

Difficulty changes how many points you lose by not matching an item, and changes the behaviour of the SlapChop.


  • Get a friend to play with you!!
  • Disable some of the machines in the Main Menu
  • Focus on the SlapChop and MeatChop, as the Coffee Machine is easier to control!

Known Bugs:

  • When you lose, in the "Game Over" screen, there are some zeroes at the bottom, no idea what's causing it!

Feel free to report any bugs you find!

Made for #LDJam Compo in less than 48 hours by TajamSoft.
Enjoy! :)

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