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Path Of The Ninja

A game made in 3 days for Ludum Dare 35. (Theme: Shapeshift)

A constantly changing ninja is on his way to become the very best. Fight to get the highscore!

Downloads can be found below, but please, read the instructions/controls, as there are no instructions ingame!


  • You can move around with WASD
  • You use moves with each of the buttons in the mouse (Check characters below for more info)
  • You can exit the game with Escape



  • You start with this character
  • Weak but fast
  • Moves:

    • Left:
      Throws a knife moving towards the mouse
    • Right:
      Powers up the next knife launch (damage is multiplied by 3)
    • Middle:
      Increases shooting speed to ~2 knives a second for a moment


  • It's almost in the same level than the ninja
  • Very slow but huge damage
  • Moves:

    • Left:
      Throws a fireball
    • Right:
      Increases speed for a moment, useful to evade an attack
    • Middle:
      Throws 3/4 fireballs in random directions. Use when a lot of enemies are around you


  • It's a powerful class, but must be used wisely
  • Medium speed, medium/big damage
  • Moves:

    • Left:
      Short range meele attack with decent damage.
    • Right:
      Medium range meele attack with fairly good damage. Kills projectiles
    • Middle:
      Places a turret. It will shoot at enemies constantly, deals low damage per hit,
      but will keep shooting for a long time


In the game, instead of simply leveling up or switching characters, you become whoever you kill (If he is a bigger level than you). If you get killed though, two things may happen:

  • You become the enemy who killed you if he is underlevel
  • You die if the enemy is overlevel or the same level

Known Issues:

  • The game is overall, poorly balanced
  • Sometimes enemies may stop spawning (Rare, may not even happen anymore)
  • The engineer AI is useless in 1v1 combat

Thank you for playing! :)

The source comes with all art assets. The source is under the MIT license.



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POT_Winx86.zip 48 MB
POT_Linux.zip 29 MB
POT_Mac.zip 28 MB
POT_Source.zip 20 MB

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